Our Instructors

Trevor Tessier Shihan

Head Instructor – 6th Degree

Edo Machi-kata Taiho Jutsu – Rank of Doshin
Canadian Ju-jitsu Confederation – Vice-President
Alberta Ju-jitsu Association – Membership Director

Trevor has a large background in fitness and athletics. An avid martial artist, Trevor tries to get into a little bit of everything as he can’t sit still and tries to find more hours in the day then are available.

Starting Ketto Ryu Ju Jutsu in 1986 at the age of 8, under Renshi Pierre Lautischer, Trevor achieved his apprenticeship Black Belt in 1992. He became involved with other fitness and athletic programs and continued in other martial arts training. Trevor opened his first self defense classes in 1998, which followed in the formation of 5 Panther Management Group schools. Achieving 6th degree black belt in 2017, Trevor continues to share his knowledge and love for Japanese Jujutsu. Trevor is currently the head instructor of the Ketto Ryu Jujutsu programs at the Rio Terrace Community Hall.

Trevor has also received formal training in Judo, Kyudo, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Karate, Kali and Kickboxing, as well as attended seminars and training in other forms and disciplines under the guidance and support of many great instructors and friends.

Classes taught:
– Youth Class
– Adults Advanced Class
– Private Lessons

Scott Symons Sempai


Classes taught:
– Adult Beginner
– Youth Classes

Dallas Cathcart Sensei

3rd Degree

Classes taught:
– Adult

David D. Sensei

2nd Degree

Classes taught:
– Adult